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Ryerson Anselmo


Master Class Speaker
Snap Shot a Photography Workshop

RYERSON ANSELMO - Born in Jakarta on 1982. His career started when he met Francisca Chen & Peter Pao, the D.O.P of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on a course about cinematic movies photography while in Beijing China in 2003.

In 2008, Ryerson continued learning about the world of photography eventually developing Costes Portrait in 2011 and created "When Wedding meets Fashion Style.” His works were then Nominated by Neumatt Canon & Weddingku, winning 1st Prize in 2013. And then 1st Prize in the #iphonesia life of photography.

In 2017 Ryerson released his book called “CLOSER." A Photography Book about Humans and the Balance of Life.

In his Personal life, Ryerson loves capturing images about life, habits, behaviour, people, street fashion and places. Every image has a touch of his roots style "Urban cinematic - noirsoul - neo-noir."

To some photographers, their profession may be only a job. To Ryerson, it is and always has been so much more. It’s a true passion, a lifetime commitment, a mindset, and an addiction.