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We first started volunteering with Plastic Exchange in 2020 as...
• Community Organizer
• Fundraising & Awareness Campaign
• Event Production
• Marketing, Promotion & Public Relations
• Graphic Design

• The Exchange: Documentary Teaser
This is a teaser for a documentary film that will be released at our upcoming event at Wishing Well in Uluwatu, Bali.

Tell Me – I’ll Forget
Involve Me – I’ll Learn
Empower Me – I’ll Continue

The Story
“Within every crisis lies an opportunity.” This was the mindset of Tabanan-native, I Made Janur Yasa, when he asked himself how he could help his village amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

The idea became clear — “Plastic for Rice.”

This new barter program would turn the problem of environmental pollution into an opportunity to use plastic trash as a currency for food. Wasting no time, 1 ton of plastic was collected in only four days, feeding approximately 300 people. With rapid success in Banjar Jangkahan and Banjar Penulisan, Batuaji Village, I Made Janur realized this model could be replicated in other villages to create a greater impact.

Today we are in over 200 villages, collected over 300,000 kilos of plastic and have distributed over 40,000 kilos of rice.

Join us to empower Bali and reap the rewards of environmental and economic prosperity.